Intersol Media House is a unique integrated one-stop automated system for media planning and media plan execution, developed by Intersol.


The Technologies Division specializes in web construction and design using advanced and sophisticated technological tools.
Intersol Interactive Value added services for mobile, television and internet operators.
What We do? "Intersol is a creative studio specializing in multimedia design, including websites and motion graphics"
media planning, online monitoring
domain name registration, SEO, PHP/ASP programming, JAVA applications
creative, copywriting, product branding, promotional & marketing, web site building

Featured Technology Intersol CMS

CMS is a system that manages site content, which enables the following in real-time:
  • Administrative operability and support for informational aspects of the site content;
  • Ability to control content and structure of the site; create new sections, pages, and services ;
  • Meet the correct functions of all components;
  • Interaction with site end-users;
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